Anderson Cooper Loses It During Gerard Depardieu Segment (Video)

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper got a case of the giggles on CNN Wednesday night.

In a segment called "The RidicuList," Cooper couldn't contain his laughter as he made puns about Gerard Depardieu peeing on an Air France plane in front of the entire cabin.

UPDATE: Gerard Depardieu 'sorry' for peeing on plane

"At least it wasn't Depard-doo," he said, hardly able to speak he was giggling so hard. Watch below.

Depardieu was arrested on Wednesday on the Dublin-bound plane, which was delayed in Paris. Flight attendants had asked him to wait 15 minutes to go to the bathroom after take off, but he refused and instead went on the carpet of the plane in full view of passengers.

One said he had been drinking.

The plane had to return to the gate, and was delayed two more hours while a crew cleaned it.


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