Anderson Cooper Goes Off on Kate Gosselin (Video)

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is no fan of Kate Gosselin.

On his CNN show Tuesday, he mocked the reality mom on his Ridiculist segment for a clip from the second-to-last episode of Kate Plus 8, which aired earlier this week. Cooper joked about Gosselin taking the last slice of pizza away from her eight children to give to her bodyguard -- and then freaking out when one of her daughters handed over the piece with her bare hands. ("Oh my gosh, that is disgusting!" fumes Gosselin.)

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"Middle-aged bodyguards can get pretty cranky if their routine is thrown off: You know, lunch, juice box, binkie nap," Cooper joked, adding that the bodyguard should have been marked with masking tape: "Steve's Pizza, do not touch."

When the kids' babysitter, Ashley, suggests the bodyguard eat something else, Gosselin shrieked, "He doesn't eat macaroni and cheese or salad! That's the whole point."

"Wow," says Cooper, rolling his eyes.

Ashley then says, "I am so sick of your dramatics!" and quits.

"It is a cautionary tale," Cooper says dryly. "So many lessons for all of us to learn…wash your hands, guard your food… If you somehow, against all odds, find a woman who's willing to help you take eight kids on a cross-country road trip, for goodness sake, let her divide the pizza any way she wants."


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