Anderson Cooper Mocks Joe Biden Falling Asleep on the Job

The CNN host gives the Vice President a spot on his "Best of the Ridiculist" countdown.
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Anderson Cooper has ranked Joe Biden tenth among his "Best of the Ridiculist" countdown for falling asleep on the job. On Monday night's Anderson Cooper 360, the CNN anchor showed footage of the Vice President nodding off in the audience as President Obama gave a speech on the economy.

"Biden might as well have washed down some Ambien with Nyquil and warm milk while listening to Sade singing 'No Ordinary Love' in a sleeping bag fresh out of the dryer while chamomile tea was being administered intraveneously," Cooper joked, adding: "But here's the thing: isn't it a huge part of any politician's job to stay awake while other people are talking?"

He then showed clips of John McCain, Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney sleeping during various important events.

Check out the "Ridiculist"-ness below:

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