Anderson Cooper Takes on Rush Limbaugh for 'Spreading Gossip' About Him (Video)

Anderson Cooper Rush Limbaugh - H 2012
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Anderson Cooper Rush Limbaugh - H 2012

Anderson Cooper recently decided to direct his Anderson Cooper 360 “Ridiculist” segment to Rush Limbaugh in order to refute the conservative radio host’s insinuation that he wasn’t working hard enough to keep CNN’s ratings up.

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"In primetime, CNN was down to a two-year low and that’s with the silver fox, Anderson Cooper," Rush said of CNN’s flagging ratings. "I hear more stuff about Anderson Cooper at a bar or at a gym or in a health club than I do about what he is doing in a studio."

In response, Cooper says that he can count the bars he has gone to recently on one hand and pointed out that he has three jobs that keep him so busy that he regularly eats his meals in his office. He also expresses surprise that Limbaugh is basing his statements on what gossip columns say – something Cooper says he has no control over.

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The newsman does give Limbaugh, who had a heart attack scare in 2010, credit for getting one thing right. “Listen close, stop the presses. I do go to the gym,” he says.

“I’m concerned about heart disease, I’ve raised money to stop heart disease, my dad died of it,” he continues. “And, yeah, I try to take care of myself. Mr. Limbaugh, I can only hope that you are taking care of yourself, as well.”

Watch the full segment below.

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