Anderson Cooper: Why's He Shirtless and Covered in Mud? (Photo)

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper gave his followers a challenge on Twitter. He posted a picture of himself shirtless and covered with mud, then asked his followers to guess where he was.

“I'm off for a few days,” he writes along with the photo. “From this photo can you guess where in the world I am? Exact location?”

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He let his fans guess for several hours and gave them the following clues:

1. “If you're a world traveler the picture I just tweeted out should be enough of a clue for my exact location”

2. “Not a spa. I don't like spas”

3. “Not the dead sea, nowhere near it”

So, where in the world is Anderson Cooper? After several hours and lots of fan guesses, he finally revealed his whereabouts.

“great guesses. some got it right! I was at volcan el totumo. Mud volcano near Cartagena, Colombia,” he tweets. “You go to the top of the volcano and go into the warm mud. Its really weird, but fun. Colombia is a beautiful country”

Would you have guessed correctly?

You can get more of Cooper's unique humor when his new daytime talk show premieres on September 12.

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