Anderson Cooper's Daytime Show Premieres: What the Viewers Are Saying

Well, it's almost unanimous: The man is pretty. But, how was the show?

Anderson Cooper premiered his syndicated daytime talk show, Anderson, on Monday, and The Hollywood Reporter scoured the Twitter-sphere for your thoughts on the debut.

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Since we know you’re always going to put it to us straight, we’re going to do the same. You people really love looking at Anderson Cooper and furthermore commenting on looking at Anderson Cooper. If we didn’t know better and only had the tweets to decide what this Anderson show was all about, we’d think a very handsome man with gray hair stood on a stage for an hour and said nothing.

Here’s a sample of what represents the majority of tweets we read on the premiere episode:

"Anderson Cooper is the most handsome man on daytime TV. That hair just won't quit." – ohaihenry

"Anderson Cooper is on my television. I can't even breathe right now. So much love for @Anderson." -- TruthOrSarah

"Don't get me wrong, I miss Oprah like no other, but Anderson Cooper is a FOX." – aliiciaaaaaaa

Some of you actually paid attention to his first interview with Amy Winehouse’s parents and her boyfriend and weighed in with your thoughts:

"Watching "Anderson." Amy Winehouse special :-( Anderson Cooper, however, seems really nervous…" – samkeem

"Ok Anderson Cooper, clearly Amy Winehouse's parents aren't ready to talk, how much did you pay them?" – chickadeedawn

"And it hasn't even been a year and Anderson Cooper is already cashing in on her death! I LOVE AMERICA! Way to go Parents! Pump up the Jamz!" – SpaghettiJesus

"Ha! Anderson Cooper launches a new TV show by exploiting the family of Amy Winehouse. Smooth, Anderson, really smooth…" – odditonic

"I can't believe the most excellent interview Anderson Cooper is doing with Amy Winehouse's parents. So thoughtful & kind. A great & kind man." – DomesticP

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So, thumbs up or thumbs down? Viewer reactions leaned more to the positive side for Cooper’s first day on the new talk show.

"Anderson Cooper did a good job! He is a good combination of Oprah and Tyra!" – shutupbuck

"Anderson Cooper is too fly for an old white guy. Its been 2 minutes into the show and I already l o v e l o v e l o v e it." -- lorrainelopez_

"Yea he is def the big O replacement." – MisterYessir

"Anderson Cooper is the new Phil Donahue!" – rcstev

"This Anderson Cooper talk show is putting me to sleep #naptime" – chrriiissssssss

"I don't care if anyone thinks I'm dull but so far I'm really liking the Anderson Cooper show!" -- Winter_Dreamss

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"I used to take Anderson Cooper as a serious guy. now he's getting spray tanned by Snooki and wearing a purple and white checkered blouse." – KerriAS

"I kind of feel like Anderson Cooper is selling out with his new talk show. You are better than this, AC.. Stick to 360." – Brittscobie

"Soooo, I just got done watching Anderson (: *thumbs up to Anderson Cooper* now I can happily watch you without it being news crap. (:" – SHYraaTOOFlyy

What were your thoughts on Anderson? Tell us in the comments section below.

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