Andrew Garfield, Rachel Brosnahan Play Wild Game of Catchphrase on 'Tonight Show'

The Tonight Show Show with Jimmy Fallon pit Andrew Garfield and Rachel Brosnahan against one another in a riotous game of Catchphrase. Announcer Steve Higgins and host Jimmy Fallon teamed up with each of the celebrities in hopes of winning “10,000 bitcoin!”

In the game, contestants have to describe a phrase to their teammate without using any of the words in the phrase and within a limited amount of time. 

Despite starting out visibly nervous, Garfield and Higgins pulled it together and scored points on pretty obscure hints. Somehow the Angels in America actor immediately knew that Higgins’ clue “grab somebody big with love” meant “bear hug.”

Brosnahan, who had her game face ready, faltered early on. But she can easily blame her teammate, Fallon, for not knowing any other Ed Sheeran song except “Shape of You.” When that didn’t work, the host opted for a hilarious and bouncy guitar riff, complete with air strumming. Brosnahan’s only response was a soft, “What?”

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel star did pick up some extra points by immediately guessing “sucker punch” in a latter round.