Andrew Jenks Hopes New 'World of Jenks' Subjects 'Make a Difference' on MTV Show (Video)

World of Jenks went off the air back in 2010, but on Monday, March 4, the docu-series returns for a second season with two new subjects and one familiar face.

“I wanted to find people who had stories that don’t normally get exposure, especially on a network as big as MTV,” host and executive producer Andrew Jenks tells The Hollywood Reporter. “We were just looking for stories that we felt could really make a difference when people watched our show.”

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Returning this season is Chad, a twentysomething with autism who was featured on episode two of Jenks’ first season. This time around, Jenks follows Chad as he graduates, experiences his first kiss (on the forehead), and nearly breaks up with his girlfriend over her infatuation with Justin Bieber.

Also featured this season is cancer patient Kaylin, who aspires to be a bigshot fashion designer in New York City, and D-Real, a street dancer in Oakland -- facing a violent everyday environment -- with a newborn child.

Over the course of a year, Jenks splits his time between the three subjects, living with each of them for days or weeks at a time. “I have a lot of miles if you ever need a free flight somewhere,” he jokes.

March is a big month for Jenks. Aside from the MTV premiere on March 4, he released his first book, Andrew Jenks: My Life as a Young Filmmaker on Friday, March 1 via Scholastic. World of Jenks airs at 11 p.m. ET/PT.