Andy Samberg Wants Amy Poehler on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Brooklyn Nine Nine Andy Samberg - P 2014
Scott Schafer

Brooklyn Nine Nine Andy Samberg - P 2014

Andy Samberg has an idea for a new guest star on Fox's Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy Poehler.

The Fox comedy's executive producer, Mike Schur, did, after all, create Poehler vehicle Parks and Recreation, currently airing its final season on NBC. The Golden Globes host — if Samberg's wishes came true — would join the recent slew of guests on the series, including the outgoing Eva Longoria as Jake's (Samberg) love interest and the incoming Bradley Whitford as Jake's dad.

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Here, Samberg elaborates on his dream casting, talks about the precinct's newest additions and discusses who should host the Golden Globes next year (hint: he's game).

If you could cast any actor for a guest spot on the show, it'd be ...

Parks and Rec fans' heads might explode, and it's pretty sacred ground, but the dream really would be for Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) to show up in Brooklyn. I don't know if we'd have to talk to NBC about that.

Brooklyn and Parks are produced by the same studio, it could happen. What would that episode look like, if you were to pitch the story?

I assume Leslie Knope and Jake Peralta just making passionate love for a week straight. (Laughs.)

What can you tease about Jake's relationship with his father, Capt. Roger Peralta?

He was an absentee dad a little bit, so there's themes running through all the episodes of Jake looking for a father figure because he didn't really have a sound one. But Jake still wants his dad in his life, and the gist of the episode is Jake trying to bring him in his life more and wrestling with the idea that maybe he didn't have a great dad, even if he wishes that he did.

How does the rest of the precinct feel about Jake's dad's arrival? Do you think we'll see him again?

Yes, it's fun. We had the table read and we're excited. It's too soon to tell but I think that hopefully we'll be on for a really long time and you got to assume that Jake is going to have a dad that whole time. We've definitely gotten to see a lot of Gina's (Chelsea Peretti) mom and Boyle's (Joe Lo Truglio) dad so I'm hoping that we'll get Bradley in there, but he's also a very busy man.

What about Eva Longoria? How much longer is she going to stick around?

Well, she's on tomorrow night's episode. Past that, I can't say. No more yet this year that we know of. She just got her show picked up so we're excited for her. She's our friend, and it sounds like it will be really great. A lot of these things are just schedule contingent and others are story-based. We'll see how it goes. Wait, it's not actually her last episode — I won't say how or why — but it's her last big episode.

Are we going to see more of the love-triangle element this year?

There's definitely some of it. I think the writers are doing a really nice job. They are making it feel a little bit more like real life, which I think they've wanted from the beginning, and have done a really nice job with, where you're not totally sure who's doing what and why.

Now that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are done hosting the Golden Globes, would you be interested in the gig?

Of course, are you kidding me? Any comedian would, but I wouldn't necessarily want to follow them. They reinvented the whole thing and destroyed. There's debates about whether or not they're one of the best of all time, which I think is warranted. They really were great.

So, who would you want as a co-host?

I'd pick Tina and Amy. Final answer. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire reference. That's still cool to say, right?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sundays at 8:30 p.m. on Fox.