Andy Samberg Welcomed Back, Frolics With Kenan Thompson in 'SNL' Promos (Video)

The former castmember returns to the NBC sketch comedy show as host of this week's season finale.
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Andy Samberg

Former Saturday Night Live castmember Andy Samberg is returning to the NBC sketch comedy show this week as host of this year's season finale, and in a series of promos with Kenan Thompson, it seems like nothing's changed, except for that Golden Globe Samberg won for his starring role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In one of the segments, after Samberg introduces the show, Thompson says, "It's so great to have you back man, and you seem like the same old Andy, that's awesome."

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But he's not "the same old Andy," and Samberg wants to make that clear, interrupting Thompson to ask for a sparkly, gold promo graphic, which reads, "Golden Globe-Winning Actor Andy Samberg."

Thompson gets a graphic, too: a lowercase, Comic Sans "kenan," accompanied by a fart noise.

All of the promos were shot outside, instead of in their usual setting of SNL's studio, in what appears to be one of the rooftop gardens at Rockefeller Center.

In another segment, Thompson welcomes Samberg back by "shout[ing] it to the rooftops."

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"Andy's back!," he yells, which seems to upset one of their neighbors, who's heard yelling, "Shut the hell up!"

Samberg and Thompson then realize the guy has a gun and run offscreen.

In the final segment, Samberg tells Thompson they got permission to take the day off "to frolic" and subsequently prance around the garden.

The duo also does some quick, painful yoga, admires the foliage in the garden and performs a bit in which Thompson pretends not to remember his former colleague.

The season finale of SNL, with musical guest St. Vincent, airs Saturday night at 11:30 p.m.

Watch all of Samberg's SNL promos below.