Angela Bassett on Her 'American Horror Story' Season 8 Absence: "Where's Marie Laveau?"

Angela Bassett - Getty - H 2018
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

As Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Emma Roberts and more signed on to reprise their Coven roles in the eighth season of American Horror Story, one question still plagued dedicated AHS fans on the internet: What about Angela Bassett? 

The latest season in Ryan Murphy's horror anthology series — a mashup of the first and third runs of the show — sees the return of nearly every Coven witch, except Bassett's voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

Though her character technically died at the end of season three, it wouldn't be the first, second or even third time an AHS character has been resurrected. And Bassett is as disappointed as anyone that Marie didn't make it to the apocalypse.

"I have [season eight] on my DVR, but I haven’t seen any of it just yet," Bassett told The Hollywood Reporter at Hollywood Confidential's "An Evening With Angela Bassett" on Monday. "But I mean, come on. Where’s Marie Laveau? I'm even a little bit in my feelings that Marie didn't come back."

Bassett has been too busy working on another Murphy creation, 9-1-1, to breathe life back into her AHS character as of yet. The first season of the crime series starred Bassett and Connie Britton as first responders Athena Grant and Abby Clark, but Britton has since exited the show, which premiered its sophomore season in September. But on the subject of comebacks, Bassett's not so sure the Friday Night Lights alumna is finished with 9-1-1 just yet.

"It is absolutely possible," Bassett said of Britton's potential return. "We love Connie — Connie is family. She's a phenomenal actress and a delightful person, and if she has a free Tuesday, come on over and give it to us! Anytime she wants to — anytime we need her — she's there."

The actress also offered a status update on a possible Black Panther sequel. As far as she knows, no plans have been set in motion, though she did consider the possibility of more Wakandan Marvel installments, like a Shuri spinoff. Since the winter blockbuster premiered, fans have been calling for a new batch of superhero flicks centering on Letitia Wright's tech princess.

And the idea has Queen Ramonda's official seal of approval. "That would be wonderful," Bassett said. "We fell in love with that little girl. We fell in love with our daughter — with the princess."

But Bassett did acknowledge that King T'Challa's little sister may need some help finding her way, even within her own film. "Shuri is still young, so she needs her mama's touch and her mama's words to keep her straight," she added. "But she's a smart girl."

In a later onstage interview at the Saban Theatre moderated by Hollywood Confidential's Steve Jones, Bassett mused about her career and acting methods to an auditorium filled with thousands of Hollywood hopefuls looking to break into casting rooms.

"When you walk in, your spirit walks into the room with you," she said. "For a long time, I thought that the dress did and the look did. And it does — your professionalism — but they want to know, can they work with you?"