Animal Planet to Air 'Meet the Sloths'

The cable network moves back into "Meerkat Manor" territory, at a slightly slower pace, with the new eight-part series.
Getty Images
A sloth

Animal Planet is hoping to do for sloths what it did for meerkats.

The cable network announced Tuesday that its latest species-centric docuseries will focus on one of the slowest animals out there -- which also happens to be having something of a pop culture moment itself these days. Meet the Sloths is set to premiere its inaugural eight-episode run on Saturday, Nov. 9.

Like Meerkat Manor before it, Meet the Sloths hails from the U.K. -- where it first debuted last year. It was filmed at a sanctuary with more than 150 sloths, where their "daily soap opera" was documented. These dramatics even include sloth love triangles.

To build buzz for the series and to capitalize on the Internet's existing affection for the three-toed (sometimes two-toed) mammals, Animal Planet Live! also has partnered with Zoo Atlanta for a 24/7 sloth cam -- where three sloths' daily drama is currently unfolding without the aid of an editor or any whimsical narration.

Meet the Sloths, produced by Blink Films and Handel Productions in association with Animal Planet, debuts Nov. 9 at 11 a.m.. Kristen Bell should set her DVR accordingly.