Ann Coulter Censored By MSNBC During Joe Scarborough Interview (Video)

Ann Coulter Joe Scarborough Split - H 2011
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Ann Coulter Joe Scarborough Split - H 2011

When audio goes out during a television appearance, there's usually a four-letter word to blame.

But MSNBC censors apparently don't need anything quite as obscene to feel trigger happy, as Ann Coulter learned Tuesday when she said "douchebag" on Morning Joe.

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The commentator, speaking about Arizona Senator John McCain, dropped the d-bomb, which then prompted several breaks in audio. She continued to try to make her unintelligible point until the issue caught her attention.

"What did I say?" she asked, looking at host Joe Scarborough. "Oh, douchebag."

"Just blur it all out," Scarborough responded off camera.

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Coulter tried to rephrase herself without paying it much notice.

“OK, well they got the general drift of that,” she said. “Consistency is not a great thing, and especially someone like John McCain who consistently annoyed conservatives, bragged about annoying conservatives, and would claim he was courageous by attacking conservatives and getting good press in The New York Times.”

The staunch conservative went on to refer to late Senator Ted Kennedy as "human pestilence," something that got the panelists quite riled -- though not enough to address the matter after the show.

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McCain, however, received a bit of an apology from Scarborough on Twitter.

"John McCain is a great American hero," he wrote. "All of us on Morning Joe thank him for his service to America. He is a great man.”

Watch the full clip of Coulter seemingly directing the d-word at McCain below (via Politico):