Ann Coulter Says She Was Censored for Saying 'D--kweed' on MSNBC (Video)

Ann Coulter Joy Behar Show - Screengrab - H 2011

Ann Coulter made an appearance on Joy Behar's HLN show hours following the mishap that occurred during her appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Tuesday.

From Coulter's appearance on the Joe Scarborough-led show, it was unclear what words were actually said, with it seeming like she had called Sen. John McCain a "douchebag." On The Joy Behar Show that night, Coulter revealed that it was another D-word that got her into a bit of trouble.

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"I don't want to be bleeped again but I said d--kweed. I thought you could say that," Coulter said. "They were talking about the lack of consistency. ... I was making the point, I don't think consistency is the most important value."

She continued: "And you know, look at John McCain, he was consistently a d--kweed."

Behar pointed out that Mark Halperin, who has appeared on Morning Joe as a panelist, was suspended from the cable news network after calling President Obama a "d--k." Coulter then responded by saying that if they will censor that, "they will not be able to use the 2012 Republican campaign slogan, which is going to be 'Obama: He's Kind of a D--k.' "

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With Behar's show nearing an end, the conservative-minded Coulter admitted that it was the only show she could watch to avoid the Casey Anthony trial, who she called "white trash bimbo."

After Coulter's remarks on Morning Joe, Scarborough took to Twitter to apologize to McCain.

"John McCain is a great American hero," he wrote. "All of us on Morning Joe thank him for his service to America. He is a great man.”

Watch Coulter's appearance on the The Joy Behar Show: