Anna Faris: Mickey Rourke Shushed My Baby on a Plane (Video)

Anna Faris Kimmel Still - H 2015

Anna Faris recently learned that Mickey Rourke does not appear to be a baby person. 

The Mom actress appeared on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she told Jimmy Kimmel that she recently went on a flight with her baby Jack, whose father is husband Chris Pratt.

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Jack started to vocalize on the plane, and one of the fellow passengers made it clear that he didn't appreciate the noises Jack was making. Faris turned in her seat and realized that the unhappy person was none other than Rourke himself. 

"I got shushed by Mickey Rourke," Faris clarifies, who points out that the Wrestler actor was not joking around. "Apparently, Mickey Rourke has a thing — he likes to shush babies."

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Watch the video to see the full segment, including Faris admitting that she probably wouldn't be working with Rourke in the near future.

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