Anna Kournikova Makes Debut as 'Biggest Loser' Trainer; Viewer Reaction Mixed

"Anna is doing a great job!" write one fan, while another opines that she "is a terrible addition as a trainer."

Anna Kournikova made her debut as a trainer on NBC's weight-loss reality competition The Biggest Loser.

She replaced Jillian Michaels in Season 12, which debuted Tuesday night, but the tennis pro is no stranger to the show: She has admitted she's been a fan of the series for a long time and even made a guest appearance on Season 10.

After the episode aired, viewers hit Twitter to weigh in on Kournikova's performance, with fans split on how well she did.

Among those praising her:

Mike Herro
Cry Fatty Cry is premiering right now. Never really gotten into this show but Anna Kournikova may change that.

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Mike Herro
How did the young fat team not choose Anna kournikova?! The men would have gotten exercise through erections alone.

Bill Voth
If every reality tv show had Anna Kournikova on, reality tv would be so much better.

Howard Bloom
Anna Kournikova on TBL = the good news she looks great, the bad news she's working on a weight loss program

Darin Persinger
I love when people surprise you. Dig that move from Anna Kournikova, running out to her team. #biggestloser

Carissa Corona
Sorry glee Fattest Loser has got my attention Anna Kournikova is a trainer

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Adam Ruehmer
Wait, Anna Kournikova is on The Biggest Loser? I guess I'll be watching this season.

As it turns out, I can't hate Anna Kournikova as expected. Biggest Loser, you've done it again and you have me for another season. Sigh.

#nw Biggest Loser, Anna Kournikova can be my trainer any day!

Brandon Marcus
Watching Biggest Loser for the first time in like five or six years. That is what happens when Anna Kournikova is a trainer. #majorcrush

Jenna Nassif
Biggest loser is such an amazing show! i miss my girl jillian but anna is doing a great job!

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Jessica Schultz
Anna Kornakova is one of the new trainers on The Biggest Loser. This is going to be a great episode. I love her.

Among those who were critical of her debut:

Michelle Wolfson
I'm not sure I like Anna Kournikova as the 3rd trainer. #thebiggestloser

Omg watching Biggest Loser and thinking Anna Kournikova should stick with tennis.

Tara Vreeland
Just asked "Anna Kournikova is a new trainer on the Biggest Loser?" @TheDanBewley said "Well, she's done a lot of losing." Bahahahaha

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Finally get NBC to tune in & can watch Biggest Loser this season! And can tell I'm interested more in Bob & new stud Del-somethin than Anna

Amanda Magee
I want to like the Biggest Loser, but if it turns into Anna crying every 6 min I can't. Reminds me of Ty Pennington/Extreme Home Makeover.

Lorean Stanfield
Oh man. Anna kournikova is a terrible addition as a trainer on the biggest loser. Terrible #sticktotennis

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