Anthony Weiner: Jon Stewart Says Congressman's Confession Is 'Killing Me'

"This is the weirdest f---ing story I've ever seen in my life -- or the greatest episode of 'Maury' ever," the "Daily Show" host quips of Andrew Breitbart's press conference interruption.
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Jon Stewart isn't sure how to react to his friend Anthony Weiner's admission that he sent sexually suggestive photos to several women via the Internet.

"I don't know what to do anymore! It's killing me," he said on Monday night's Daily Show, taped after the New York congressman's press conference earlier in the day.

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"Perhaps the most upsetting thing about having a friend caught up in a scandal of this nature is finding out, A) he's packing jumbo heat, and B) he's ripped," Stewart quipped Monday as two of the photos in question -- a crotch shot and a bare-chest shot -- were shown. "I can't believe this guy and me are the same f---ing age!"

Stewart also joked that conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart "Kanye'd" the press conference by hijacking it at the outset to make his own remarks. (Breitbart's broke the news of the scandal last week.)

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"This is the weirdest f---ing story I've ever seen in my life -- or the greatest episode of Maury ever," Stewart quipped.

He then played Weiner's admission that he had in fact sent the photos (the congressman had been denying it since news broke last week, claiming he had been pranked).

"At 4:25 p.m. Eastern standard time, this story officially became sad," Stewart said, turning to another camera and become serious. "You know, we forget sometimes that these people are human, and that's a lesson that's going to stay with me, until I turn back to the camera over there -- and do a little bit on the John Edwards story."

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Several critics -- including those at Mediaite and Entertainment Weekly -- noted that Stewart seemed to go easy on Weiner.

In fact, Stewart previously defended Weiner on his show, weighing the pros and cons of covering a story involving a friend was accused of sending photos of his crotch, among other shots, and happened to have the last name "Weiner."