Conan O'Brien Brainstorms Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Celebrity Apprentice' Catchphrases: "You're Out of the Running, Man"

'Terminator 2: Judgment Day' (1991)
Released: July 3, 1991
Domestic Gross: $204,843,345
Foreign Gross: $315,000,000
Total Gross: $519,843,345 
Enough pottery, more explosions! After the romance of 1990, 1991 brought the action blockbuster back. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves seemed poised to take the summer crown until Arnold arrived over July 4 weekend. T2 had a huge opening weekend, breaking Beverly Hills Cop II's record for R-rated debut. It hung on to the top spot for four straight weeks and ended up not only the biggest film of the summer, but that year.

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Conan O'Brien wants to help Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom NBC announced will host Celebrity Apprentice.

"Everyone's wondering what Arnold's catchphrase is gonna be," he said on Monday's episode of Conan. "He's not gonna do ["You're fired!"], maybe something from one of his movies."

The late-night host then read (in his best Schwarzenegger accent) a few options that riffed off the actor's top blockbusters: "You're terminated," "You're expendable," and "I'll be back. But you won't 'cause you're fired!"

Sure, not every title works perfectly, but O'Brien made it fit: "You've been Totally Recalled," "I Commando you to leave," "You're out of the Running, Man," and "Why don't you Jingle All the Way to the unemployment line!"

And though it's a bit long: "Here are some True Lies about you: I'm not firing you, I've never thought of firing you, and you are not fired. Those are lies, I'm firing you."

Schwarzenegger replaces longtime host Donald Trump, who parted ways with NBC shortly after he announced his presidential campaign in June (in a speech which included what NBC deemed to be "derogatory statements" about Mexican immigrants).

Watch the video below.