'Arrested Development' Creator Recutting Season 4 in Chronological Order

Arrested Development Episodic Bateman Arnett - H 2013
Michael Yarish for Netflix.

Arrested Development Episodic Bateman Arnett - H 2013

This news might make you happy enough to spontaneously ask someone to marry you. 

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz told Pretentious Film Majors that he is currently re-editing his show's most recent season so that the storyline is no longer told out of order. 

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"Right now, I'm cutting a version of season four that tells it kind of chronologically," Hurwitz said. He did not mention whether the new version was for a DVD/Blu-ray release or to stream online.

Hurwitz acknowledged that the fourth season, which aired on Netflix, dealt with "internal" and scheduling conflicts.

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However, overall he had good feelings about the latest season. "It was a great experience because … I was doing something so complex that I couldn't get any notes [from execs]," he joked about the upside to its tricky chronology.

The comments about the re-edited fourth season begin at 6:03 in the video below.

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