'Arrested Development' Fans Can Design DVD Art

Submit your best work through Tumblr

Most Arrested Development fans have probably already seen season 4 on Netflix, but artistic supporters still have a chance to design the cover for the DVD edition of the show's most recent season.

Show creator Mitch Hurwitz has announced a contest for fans to design the season 4 DVD cover art, after his original idea of stealing the existing fan art that people have made for the show didn't go over so well with the folks at 20th Century Fox.

Until midnight on Sept. 17, fans can submit their art through Tumblr, which will be judged by a panel from Sept. 20-30, with a grand prize winner determined in October and announced on or about Nov. 1.

To enter the contest, go to Arrestedfanart.com, follow the entry instructions and submit your best work — only one submission per person allowed, even if you have multiple Tumblr accounts or email addresses.

Submissions will be judged on an equal mix of skill/technique, design/style, connection to the show and originality/humor

For the official rules and submission requirements, click here.