'Arrested Development' First Official Season 4 Image Debuts

Jason Bateman Conan O'Brien Andy Richter Arrested Development - H 2012

The first official photo from the new season of Arrested Development has debuted and what do you know, Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) is with two very special guests.

Of course, it was fitting that one of them would make the announcement.

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"Here's the 1st official photo from the new Arrested Development on @Netflix. Spoiler alert: I'm an amazing actor," late night host and guest star Conan O'Brien tweeted Monday afternoon.

In the new photo, O'Brien and fellow comedian Andy Richter are seen chatting up the Bluth family member on a soundstage. What were the three talking about?

Earlier this month, Arrested Development co-star Will Arnett announced on TBS' Conan that the two would be appearing on the cult comedy.

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The new season of Arrested Development will feature appearances by John Slattery, Henry Winkler and Isla Fisher.

Arrested Development returns January 2013 on Netflix.

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