'Arrested Development' Begins Production; Jason Bateman Tweets First Look (Photo)

Arrested Development First Set Photo - 2012 P

The Bluths are back, as Jason Bateman kindly keeps reminding us.

The Arrested Development star tweeted a photo from the set of the revived comedy Tuesday, the first day of production for season four. 

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"First day. Away we go... ," he tweeted.

Bateman—who as Michael Bluth reprises his role as the son who has no choice but to keep his family together—last month tweeted a set photo of onscreen son Michael Cera.

While these photos haven't revealed much plot-wise, executive producer Mitch Hurwitz said in April that each episode would focus on one of the show’s characters as a way to bring viewers up to speed on what has happened in the years since the show went off the air.

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Last month, the show's narrator and executive producer, Ron Howard, tantalized fans by tweeting a photo of the script for the first episode, entitled “Michael,” a strong indicator that Bateman’s character is the focus of the season premiere. 

And the photo Bateman tweeted Tuesday appears to be set at an airport. Could Michael be making yet another attempt to break free of his freeloading family?

Look closely and you can find Workaholics stars Anders Holm and Adam DeVine in the shot, which prompted Comedy Central to post this on its Tumblr: "Adam and Ders on AD? Taste the happy, Michael!" (Hurwitz has appeared on Workaholics.)

Arrested Development ran on Fox for three seasons from 2003-2006 before being canceled. Its revived form will hit Netflix during the first half of 2013.