'Arrow': Michael Rowe Previews Deadshot's Return, Warns of 'Catastrophic' Finale

The actor tells THR that Wednesday's closer is "the big cymbal crash at the end of the drum roll."
Cate Cameron/The CW

Welcome back, Deadshot.

Arrow’s season-two finale features the return of familiar faces (see: Nyssa) as Oliver Queen’s battle against Slade Wilson comes to a head. But how does Deadshot, last seen locked up with the rest of Starling City’s villains in the March episode, “Suicide Squad,” come into play?

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Last week’s episode ended with ARGUS barricading Starling City as the threat of Slade and his Mirakuru army reached Code Red. With Team Arrow focused on the the serious threat of Slade’s next move – and promise that he has one more person left to kill – Diggle seeks his old friend/nemesis out.

“Diggle takes this on and he needs some help, so guess what? He calls his buddy Deadshot,” Michael Rowe tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s the most unlikely duo having each other’s backs and neither one trusting each other a lot but certainly makes for good storytelling.”

Surprisingly, Waller is a bigger threat than Deadshot when it comes to confrontations. “If there’s anybody out there who has an itchier trigger finger than Deadshot, it’s Amanda Waller,” he says.

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From Deadshot’s perspective, getting out of jail – even temporarily – is better than staying locked up.

“Ultimately, Deadshot enjoys what he does. He enjoys a challenge in taking out a target,” Rowe says. “He dedicated his life to fighting and this is an opportunity to do what he does best, but also if it’s going to give him temporary freedom, he’s down. He’s down for whatever. He wants to get the hell out of that facility. For him, it’s summer vacation.”

As for Wednesday's final hour, appropriately titled "Unthinkable," the actor promises it will be "a wild ride," using descriptors like "frantic" and "crazy," and hints that after a "big, catastrophic event, all the shrapnel... that spin off of that, you're not even going to understand the things to come."

“It’s worth the wait. Everything is addressed in this final episode. It’s epic – they went so huge with it,” Rowe says of Wednesday’s final hour. “But in the midst of tying up these loose ends, it’s setting up season three. People are not going to be disappointed.”

It's "the big cymbal crash at the end of the drum roll," he later elaborates. "It will make you lose your breath and experience every emotion all at once."

Arrow's season-two finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. on The CW. Check back tomorrow morning as THR counts down to the finale.

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