'Arrow': Oliver Returning for Show's "Biggest Fight" to Date

Arrow S03E12 Still - H 2015
Katie Yu/The CW

Arrow S03E12 Still - H 2015

Brick (Vinnie Jones) isn't done with Starling City just yet.

The criminal mastermind has terrorized the world of Arrow for two episodes, puling such ambitious villain moves as taking over The Glades, kidnapping government officials and giving Laurel (Katie Cassidy) a beating (even though he doesn't "like to hit" women.)

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On Wednesday, Arrow will reveal Brick's very personal connection to Merlyn (John Barrowman); Oliver (Stephen Amell) will finally return to Starling City after being presumed dead; and team Arrow will face Brick's gang in a huge confrontation.

"It's one of the biggest fight scenes of the show to date," Jones tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Wednesday's episode will be a conclusion to Brick's arc, with the show's executive producers describing the first three episodes of 2015 as a trilogy. But Jones believes he'll be back on the show at some point, and he would like to see Brick team up with other villains for an epic brawl.

"I'm sure at some stage, whether it's six months or six years down the line — that's the comic book Bible, isn't it?" he says of a possible return.

Following Oliver's apparent death in December, Amell wrote on Facebook, "Our show is bigger than any one character," and along with the rest of the cast, Jones has had the heavy task of helping carry the show during Amell's absence from the Starling City scenes. Jones says when Oliver returns, it's a powerful moment. 

"He comes back and he's the big star of the show," Jones said.

That added to the challenge of being able to attempt to intimidate Oliver during Wednesday's big brawl.

"As a guest-star you have to match that and your presence has to be as though you've been there for years," Jones says.

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