'Arrow' Star Teases Deathstroke's "Impossible" Return

Arrow Season 2 Manu Bennett - H 2014
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[WARNING: spoilers ahead for Wednesday's midseason finale of Arrow, "The Climb."]

Can things get any worse for Oliver (Stephen Amell)?

You wouldn't think so — seeing as the man is dead (though for how long is another story). But when Arrow returns next year, so too will signature villain Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett), also known as Deathstroke. 

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"Where we left off at the end season two was Slade Wilson was put into Argus — this top security, impossible to escape prison on Lian Yu," Bennett tells The Hollywood Reporter

Bennett returns to work on the Arrow set next week, and will appear in episode 14 of the season, "The Return," which will air several weeks after the Jan. 21 return of the show. He can't reveal much about what Slade is up to, but he does offer this tidbit.

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"Basically season two ended with him swearing he'd escape, so I imagine that's where they'll pick the storyline up from."

To add to the mystery, executive producer Marc Guggenheim tweeted this Wednesday night after the episode aired.

Let the speculation begin, indeed. And stay tuned to THR.com for a full interview with Bennett about his work in The Hobbit films and more.

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