'Arrow': What to Read Over the Holiday Hiatus

Arrow Midseason Finale - H 2014
Cate Cameron/The CW

Jan. 21 seems so far away after the bombshell Arrow dropped during its midseason finale.

But not to fear — there are plenty of ways to get your Arrow fix until The CW show returns next month. We've put together a reading list for Arrow fanatics who want to go straight to the source material during the winter break. And Gotham fans, check out what to read during that show's break here.

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Green Arrow Vol 4: The Kill Machine

There's no better place for new readers to jump in than a reboot of the character —and that's what you get with this run. Ignore the Vol. 4 in the title. This is the first in a series of stories about Oliver. This collection sees him face off against a mysterious villain named Komodo, who is bad. Really bad. He knows Oliver's secrets and uses them to bankrupt our hero, and that's just for starters.

Available in digital and print format. Also available as Green Arrow No. 17-24. 

Batman: Tales of the Demon

Collecting comics first published in the 1970s, this features the first appearance of Ra’s Al Ghul, and lays out the core mythology for the infamous villain. For fans truly worried about Oliver's fate in the midseason finale, it's important to take a look at these pages — and what "supernatural" powers of resurrection are in them. 

Available in digital and print format.


Deathstroke Vol. 1: Legacy

Not only is Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett) one of the key villains on Arrow, he's poised to return to the show next year. So why not brush up on the character's comic book history? The series shows how Deathstroke reacts when someone who hires him for a job goes back on a contract. Hint: that's not something you want to do. 

Available in digital and print format. Also available as Death Stroke No. 1-8. 

Green Arrow: Year One

This look at Green Arrow's origins helped inspire season one of the TV show. Fun fact: Diggle (David Ramsey) was named after Andy Diggle, the writer of the comic.

Available in digital and print format. 

Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters

The three-part 1987 storyline sees Ollie giving up his bow and arrow to make a life with Dinah Lance in Seattle. That, of course, does not work out when a mysterious (and attractive) archer, Shado, wreaks havoc on the city. 

Available in digital and print format. 

What do you think of our selections, and what are your favorite Green Arrow storylines? Let us know in the comments.

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