Arsenio Hall's First Talk Show Trailer Pays Homage to Horror Films (Video)

Arsenio Hall Show Returns - H 2012

Arsenio Hall is headed back to late-night TV next fall with The Arsenio Hall Show, and the first promo for his new effort has hit the web.

It's not the usual trailer. Instead, the minute-long promo pays homage to the horror genre, kicking off like a movie preview, with helicopters, cops running and a "legendary" figure in shade.

When a woman opens a door in a dark alley, she's met with Hall and his group of fist-pumping followers. "I'm not the Wolfman, I'm the Woof Man!" he declares.

The Arsenio Hall Show will be produced by CBS TV Distribution in association with Arsenio Hall Communications and Octagon Entertainment Productions. Hall will executive produce with manager John Ferriter.

The late-night show, sold to 95 percent of the country, will debut Sept. 9, 2013. Hall's previous Arsenio Hall Show incarnation aired from 1989-94.

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