Ashley Graham and James Corden Sing About New Year's Resolutions

The Late Late Show with James Corden  - Ashley Graham - Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Sonja Flemming/CBS

Ashley Graham and James Corden wanted the viewers of Thursday night's Late Late Show to know that they don't need to change their physical appearance in 2019.

"New Year is a wonderful time. It's a time for self reflection, but it's also a time where people feel like they need to make big changes," said Corden as he sat at a piano. "We wanted to tell you, you don't have to make those changes. We just want you to be happy."

"Don't go dieting because it's New Year's/Don’t feel pressured to lose some weight/I love your body, enjoy the food you eat/Embrace the mirror, you look great," the late-night host and supermodel sang to the tune of Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are."

"I'd never ask you to change your body/There's other things you need to fix/Like how you're always late to dinner/When we say six, show up at six," they continued.

Graham and Corden took a short break from singing to complain about how annoying it is when someone is late to dinner.

The song continued with more criticisms. "Your jokes aren't funny, your laugh's annoying/Your taste in music's really bad/You're always wearing the same two T-shirts/You're even worse dressed than my dad," they sang.

Corden asked Graham if the line about clothing was targeted at him, to which she responded, "You have more than two shirts. You have three."

"And you could diet if it makes you smile/I'll always be your biggest fan/But if you diet, do it properly/No slimming teas from Instagram," they continued to sing.

The two then acknowledged the societal pressure to have a certain body type in the song. "But never change for someone else/Feel free to exercise, it's good to move around/But only do it for yourself," they sang.

Graham took a break from singing to play the saxophone as Corden continued to sit at the piano.

"Oh my God. Ashley, I never knew you played the saxophone," said Corden.

"I just picked it up as my New Year's resolution," she joked as the saxophone music continued to play. After she stated that she's "amazing," Graham continued to pretend to play the instrument.

"So don't go dieting because it's New Year's/Your body's perfect, you're a star," they sang.

"The part that matters," sang Corden before Graham continued, "Is on the inside."

"I love you just the way you are/We love you just the way you are," they sang together at the conclusion of the song.

Watch the full performance below.