Ashton Kutcher, Tim Allen, Kiefer Sutherland Are TV's Highest-Paid Stars

Ashton Kutcher makes the most bank on "Two and a Half Men," while Sutherland took a big pay cut.
Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS

Which TV actors make the most bank? TV Guide magazine has just released its annual roundup.
Ashton Kutcher is the highest-paid actor on television with $700,000 an episode for Two and a Half Men. But it's still a far cry from his predecessor Charlie Sheen's $1.2 million an episode.

Tim Allen and Kiefer Sutherland (who return to TV in Last Man Standing and The Confession respectively) will each made $125,000 an episode, TV Guide magazine reports. That's a major pay cut for Sutherland, who was making $400,000 an episode on 24, as the Huffington Post points out.

Over on the procedurals, Mariska Hargitay earns $350,000 an episode of Law & Order: SVU. Ted Danson will bank $225,000 on CSI -- less than Laurence Fishburne's $350,000, whom Danson replaced.

As for news, Scott Pelley will make less than $5 million a year as anchor of the CBS Evening News compared to Katie Couric's $15 million annual. Keith Olbermann gets $10 million a year and equity in Current TV. Anderson Cooper will make $11 million a year with his syndicated talk show and anchoring on CNN.

Simon Cowell will pull in $75 million per season of The X Factor.


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