Ashton Kutcher Predicts 'Two and a Half Men' Will 'Go Through the Roof' (Video)

The sitcom star, dressed in riot gear, also jokes about the fatwa against David Letterman Wednesday.

Ashton Kutcher is predicting major success for Two and a Half Men when it starts a new season without Charlie Sheen. Kutcher said during the Late Show With David Letterman Wednesday, "I think it’s going to go through the roof, I really do. I’ve been laughing really hard."

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The former That '70s Show star taped his first episode of the CBS sitcom on Aug. 5 and has settled into the rhythm of working in front of a studio audience again. He said, "I mean, from being on That’s ‘70s Show, it was, like, I got used to that, like, walking out in front of the audience, and after a while, you sort of forget that, you know, where that muscle is, and you get out there and the audience goes crazy. 

As for the reaction he received during his first taping, Kutcher said, "The roof popped off of Warner Bros. that day."

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In a clip released by CBS ahead of Wednesday's Late Show broadcast, Kutcher recalled a conversation between That '70s Show dad Kurtwood Smith and Robin Williams in which Williams, the breakout star of Mork & Mindy, confessed to wanting to do a sitcom again.

Kutcher, who focuesed on feature films and production after his Fox sitcom, said Williams' comment stuck with him over the years, "And I never forgot that when I was on That ‘70s Show because I never forgot what we had, and how great and how fun the job was and how incredible it was, and how great it is go to work every day and make people laugh."

In a nod to Letterman's recent brush with an online jihadist who threatened to kill him, Kutcher arrived for his interview wearing a bullet-proof vest with a sticker that read, "Not Dave."

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