Ashton Kutcher on 'Two and a Half Men': Viewers Weigh in on His Second Episode

"'Two and a Half Men' is so much better with Ashton Kutcher," declares one fan, while another viewer claims the show is "not funny" without Charlie Sheen.
Danny Feld/CBS/Warner Bros.

Viewers got their second look at Ashton Kutcher in CBS' comedy series Two and a Half Men on Monday night.

The actor -- who replaced Charlie Sheen after he was fired in March -- plays heartbroken Internet billionaire Walden Schmidt.

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In the ninth-season premiere, which aired last week, Schmidt shows up about halfway through the episode on Alan Harper's (Jon Cryer) doorstep after trying to commit suicide. He later declares his intention to buy Charlie Harper's (Sheen character, who was killed off by a subway train) former house, thereby becoming Alan's new roommate.

The premiere drew a whopping 28 million viewers, including Sheen himself, who praised the episode as "really good," Kutcher as "terrific" and Cryer a "freaking genius."

After Two and a Half Men aired Monday night, viewers hit Twitter to give their thoughts on Kutcher's second episode.

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Among those praising the actor:
Elyssa Tavares
I absolutely love ashton kutcher being on two and a half men!!
Clay Menser
I could watch Ashton Kutcher do anything
Laura Hanselman
Two and a half men is so much better with ashton kutcher
Jalen People
ashton kutcher is hilarious
Tyler Zunti
It'll obviously never be as good as it was with charlie sheen, but ashton kutcher does a pretty good job.
I love you Ashton Kutcher.
Two and a Half Men way better with Ashton Kutcher
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Among those less than impressed with the new Two and a Half Men:
So, Ashton Kutcher shirtless every episode then huh Two and a Half Men? Alright then, good luck w/ this.
Matt Mitovich
CBS must have profound amounts of testing showing that 2.5 MEN audiences only want to see Ashton Kutcher undressed...? PUT.CLOTHES.ON.
Two & a Half Men has 0 chance with Ashton Kutcher.
Amy Sweeney (in response)
Agreed not funny
Changin clotheS
Charlie Sheen > Ashton Kutcher
jacob robinson
Ashton kutcher disappointed me two and a half men needs Charlie Sheen
Carla Traill
I really wish #twoandahalfmen still had @charliesheen on it... But ashton kutcher is okay I guess


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