Avengers Assemble to Show Off New 'Infinity War' Clip With Jimmy Kimmel

The Avengers assembled Monday night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

Stars of the latest superhero team-up — Avengers: Infinity War — Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, Zoe Saldana, Paul Bettany and Pom Klementieff joined Kimmel to discuss the new film ahead of its premiere in Hollywood. 

After noting how much of Hollywood Boulevard was shut down for the premiere, Kimmel asked, “Do you guys feel at all competitive with the Star Wars movies,” to which the cast responded with a unanimous “no.”

The scale of the event was not lost on the actors, who dished about which family members they brought to the premiere, including Holland’s brothers and Klementieff’s mother.

Downey Jr. praised the British Holland's New York, "borough specific" accent as Peter Parker. Holland, meanwhile, jokingly said that he "hated" the original 2008 Iron Man film.

Kimmel tried to get some spoilers out of the cast, but the Marvel gang remained tight-lipped. Downey Jr. then pushed Saldana on Avatar 2 spoilers, but the actress wouldn't budge. 

During a commercial break, Kimmel passed out sketch pads for each of the cast to draw their own character. The heroes showed off their creations, with varying degrees of success.

Finally, the cast showed off an exclusive clip from the upcoming movie. In the clip, Tony Stark convenes with Bruce Banner and Doctor Strange as they gear up for Thanos’ appearance on Earth. Banner mentions Thanos is a "plague" that moves from planet to planet, while Stark and Strange exchange quips.

Watch the clip above.