'Awkward's' Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern Break Down the Big Fight (Video)

The feud between Matty and Jake fans is going public on MTV's Awkward.

It's been the talk of Twittersphere and the Internet for two seasons, but if last week's epic brouhaha between the two guys over Jenna (Ashley Rickards) was any indication, they're not going to let it die. For Beau Mirchoff (aka Matty) and Brett Davern (aka Jake), who dropped by The Hollywood Reporter's Cover Lounge, their confrontation represented the peak of their issues.

The bigger question becomes: Who ultimately won the fight? "I just want to say, Matty won the fight," Mirchoff joked. "Oh OK, now it starts," Davern piped back.

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The two co-stars took THR back to when they filmed the pivotal scene at the high school pep rally.

"I remember after every take, we would huddle up and say, 'That was good. That was fun. Let's try it this way,' " Mirchoff recalled.

"I think they were really worried that we were actually going to hit each other too. I remember having that conversation. 'Now boys, take it easy. Don't get too excited,' " Davern said.

Without risk, there wouldn't be any reward.

"I remember Ashley was standing really close to me in proximity and I almost hit her with a right cross," Mirchoff shared.

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"We were excited for that scene. We've been talking about it all during filming leading up to that point. We just let it fly," Davern said, with his co-star adding that the moment was a culmination of the "pent-up energy" from the season.

Davern deadpanned moments later: "Plus I've always wanted to hit him."

What does this mean for the future of Matty and Jake's friendship, which will hit another obstacle in Thursday's episode when the two force Jenna to pick between the two?

"I'd say their relationship is forever changed, but that could be for better or for worse," Mirchoff teased. "Guys can work things out quite easily so the future looks promising for them I think."

Now that the Team Matty vs. Team Jake debate will be front and center, "the characters on the show actually take up that mantle," Davern said.

Are the cast members taking it one step further and voicing their allegiances?

"Definitely. They all hover around me and Beau's kind of an outcast," Davern joked.

Watch the interview above and check back Friday morning for part two.

Awkward airs 10:30 p.m. Thursdays on MTV.

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