'Awkward' Finale: Jenna Makes Her Formal Choice Between Matty and Jake (Exclusive Video)

Creator Lauren Iungerich and star Ashley Rickards weigh in on the character's romantic options.

As MTV’s first season of Awkward comes to a close at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, the characters find themselves in a familiar place for viewers, a big formal dance. And of course, the big question is whom will Jenna choose in the end? Things are going better with Matty (Beau Mirchoff), but Jake (Brett Davern) will continue to be a contender for her attention.

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“At the end of the season she’s going to make a decision,” Ashley Rickards, who plays Jenna, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “And she makes a decision that’s right for her at that point in time, and it’s a tough decision. And nobody ends up winning, because nobody ever does.”

“I mean she ends up happy, and one of the boys ends up happy,” Rickards continues. “But there’s still a part of her, as with any person, that’s going to doubt their decision. And in the end, one person’s going to be upset, and one person’s going to have lost. And that’s not a victory.”

The show’s creator Lauren Iungerich tells us that the finale will be "heartbreaking and lovely" at the same time. And while she knows what occurs, it doesn’t exactly mean the choice was easy for her.

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“Her heart is with Matty and she’s starting to be really surprised by Jake,” Iungerich tells us about Jenna’s choices. “Jake is a real contender for her heart too. I think that that’s why really I’m not sure. I don’t have that figured out yet. I love both of them.”

In order for the viewers to invest themselves in Jenna’s plight, Iungerich tells us she has had to experience it all again herself. “You have to go to those painful places,” she says.

“I feel like those painful places have defined me and still are defining me,” she continues. “I’m still going through a lot of pain in my life. I like to find that humor is what saved me. I think humor comes from the most painful experiences like that’s how you are able to survive some of the hard times is you come out of it with some levity.”

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So when it comes to the decision that Jenna has to make between the two boys, Iungerich remembers what those feelings are like. “I think there’s something very powerful about your first love,” Iungerich explains.

“It always gets you,” she continues. “I mean, I’m definitely not 15 and I still get goose bumps every time I talk to that person that I had that first real high school love even though I’ve evolved past it and all of that. It’s still like a touchdown, you know. So, I think that’s always something that’s always a pull for Jenna to Matty, but I don’t have the concrete answer to say that she’ll ultimately wind up with him.”

Watch THR’s exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s finale below.


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