'Awkward': Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern on Matty vs. Jake Part 2, Winning Back Jenna (Video)

For now, Jenna's picked her side on Awkward -- and it has nothing to do with Matty or Jake.

After the climactic fist fight between the two friends and Jenna's decision to stick with family over the boys, Awkward co-stars Beau Mirchoff and Brett Davern discussed the possibilities for another Matty vs. Jake challenge before the season ends. A round two, perhaps?

"There's always going to be tension there just because Jenna's in the middle," Davern said when he and Mirchoff visited The Hollywood Reporter's Cover Lounge. "I don't think therek's another fist fight."

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"I think they can talk it out," Mirchoff said. "Use their words this time."

Much of the series has rested on one question: Which guy will Jenna choose to be with romantically?

For Mirchoff, it's an easy one to answer. "Matty believes Jenna's going to choose him and probably that recipricates for you, right?" he asked Davern.

"Jake's worried that Jenna's gonna pick Matty," Davern said. "He wants her to pick Jake but deep down, he's always been second fiddle to Matty. That's a worry for him."

Choosing neither Matty or Jake will create an interesting situation for all involved.

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"It's a possibility but I don't think they've thought about it," Davern said.

So if they had one last-ditch effort to win Jenna over, how would their characters do it? Think John Cusack in Say Anything.

"Playing guitar outside of her window," Mirchoff joked.

"Holding up a boombox!" Davern added.

Awkward returns Sept. 13 on MTV.

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