'Awkward': Nikki DeLoach Teases Jenna's Ultimate Choice and Fate of Lacey's Marriage

Awkward Episodic Nikki DeLoach inset - H 2012

Awkward Episodic Nikki DeLoach inset - H 2012

It's about to get real on MTV's Awkward.

Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Matty (Beau Mirchoff)'s unexpected rendezvous in the bedroom may have been the talk at the watercooler, but Lacey's (Nikki DeLoach) trip back to memory lane with ex-flame Ben (Kris Polaha) is just as big.

As DeLoach tells The Hollywood Reporter, the last two episodes were pivotal for Lacey's growth, especially the bombshell that husband Kevin (Mike Faiola) had previously walked out on the family several times before. "For Lacey, Ben coming into the picture and her getting swept up in the moment, that story is parallel to the story that [creator] Lauren [lungerich] is telling with Jenna," said DeLoach, who was ecstatic about the 20-episode season three pickup in July.

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"It's perfectly human for Lacey to look at [Kevin leaving again] and say, 'Did I make a mistake by choosing Kevin? Would Ben have stuck by me?' These are the questions that Jenna has to ask herself with Matty and Jake (Brett Davern)," she added.

Often perceived as the "cool and outgoing mom" by Jenna's friends, Lacey's decision to stick with her family was a step in the right direction, as far as DeLoach is concerned.  "With Lacey walking away from Ben, she essentially said, 'You will be strong. You will be strong again,'" she explained. "She was choosing to take care of herself and her daughter instead of choosing a different path. In that moment, we're watching her grow up while we're also watching Jenna grow up."

At the end of the day, DeLoach noted the fate of Lacey and Kevin's marriage -- which became strained when it was revealed she penned the anonymous letter to Jenna -- rests on Kevin.

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"One thing I do know for sure is that Lacey chose Kevin," said DeLoach. "Whether Kevin will choose her, the audience will have to wait and see. Lacey's not going to stop fighting for her marriage."

Even with her marital problems, Lacey's biggest mission is to smooth things over with her daughter. "Her most important thing is repairing her relationship with Jenna, which by the way, is still not healed as far as the carefrontation goes," DeLoach shared.

Though the two-episode arc that saw Polaha join in on the Awkward fun were two of DeLoach's favorites, the actress admitted that episode 10 -- airing Aug. 30 -- is a doozy. But why?

"One, Jenna finally makes a choice [between Jake and Matty], and two, all is revealed about why Lacey wrote the carefrontation," she teased. "All that happens in the episode. Even though Jenna makes a choice, it doesn't mean that all is resolved."

DeLoach said with a laugh: "It's not even the finale!"

Awkward airs 10:30 p.m. Thursdays on MTV.

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