'Awkward' Actress Jessica Lu Recounts Season's Biggest Shockers

The actress talks to THR about the year that was and what to expect in season three.
Steven Williams
Jessica Lu

It's been one week since the finale of Awkward and actress Jessica Lu (aka Ming) is giving her take on the season that was.

From the Asian Mafia to Ming's relationship with Fred (Kelly Sry), "Ming went through a lot this season," Lu told The Hollywood Reporter. "Throughout the season you got to see the Mafia's true colors and you realize that they don't have Ming's best interests at heart. There's a lot coming for season three."

Awkward boss Lauren Iungerich revealed in a post-finale chat that more of the Mafia's shenanigans will be explored further in the coming season. Though Lu was coy with what that could mean for Ming, she offered this: "I know in the finale of the second season, you see Ming out for blood. She is out for revenge because [the Mafia has] been screwing her over so much. It's not the end of the Mafia and it's not the end of her relationship with Fred either."

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The dance between Ming and Mafia leader Becca (Jessika Van) will be a dynamic that's sure to be a scene-stealers. "You definitely see more growth from Ming and you definitely see her try to be more cunning and try to outsmart someone for the first time in her life," Lu said. "At the end of the day, Ming is still a white Asian and Becca is an Asian Asian, so it'll be interesting to see how she deals with it."

With Jenna (Ashley Rickards) finally making a decision between Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Jake (Brett Davern) in the finale, Lu revealed that the scripts for the season were "jaw-dropping." A few moments during the season stood out: "My heart was in shambles during the episode when Jake tells Jenna he loves her and she says, 'Awesome!,' Ming making out with Fred and the fantasy episode, when I read that Ming and Matty get to make out."

The Ming-Matty moment was "unexpected," Lu recalled. "For Ming, she would never do that and because it was a fantasy episode, anything goes. My heart literally stopped. I literally went into shock."

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But what moments during the season two finale were true shocks for Lu?

- "When Ming decided to throw caution to the wind and declare, 'I'm going to lose my virginity tonight!' "

- "Another shocker was when Clark (Joseph Haro) was revealed to be the secret commenter on Jenna's blog. I'm glad it wasn't someone sadistic, which if anyone read through the blog comments, they was never ill-fated."

- "Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) and Jake. It makes sense because Tamara deserves to be with someone sweet and caring and Jake is totally that guy."

And what about Jenna's choice of giving things a shot with Matty? "I want to say that our fans are 50-50 Team Matty-Team Jake, but I think Matty has a little bit more of the votes," Lu admitted. "Jake is definitely the smarter choice, but as teenage girls, we're not going to go with the smarter choice."

As far as what she'd like to see for Ming in season three, Lu would like "to see her standing up to her parents" and have "more of a backbone."

Awkward returns for season three next year.

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