'Awkward's' Jillian Rose Reed: 5 Things to Look for in Season 2

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Tamara's high school experience may best be summed up in one word: Awkward.

With ongoing boy troubles and never-ending drama, Jenna's "Matty or Jake?" debacle isn't the only issue plaguing their inner circle on the MTV comedy.

Here are five things to keep in mind as season two play outs:

1. Ricky + Tamara = Trouble: Last Thursday's episode revealed Ricky and Sadie's Valentine's Day hookup and as Reed tells The Hollywood Reporter, it'll add to the saga that has become Ricky and Tamara's high school story. Asked what will come out of their continued back and forth, "Nothing good, obviously," Reid admitted. "Tamara continues to get her heart broken by Ricky and every time she thinks they're good, she finds out that he has another girl on the side. It's a little more dramatic [this season] because Tamara is extremely hurt by his choices and what he's putting her through."

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2. Emotional Rollercoaster: "That was a peak [for Tamara] with the public blowup," Reed said. "From here on out, it's about dealing with her emotions and having to face the fact that she's realizing that she can't keep doing this herself. Just like any other teenage girl, she keeps finding herself going back to the same guy and finding herself heartbroken."

3. Friendship With Jenna: While Tamara's romantic life isn't going so well, she has her friends to count on. "Her friendship with Jenna is strong," she said. "I think Jenna and Tamara realize they need each other. Jenna is leaning on Tamara this season because there's so much drama in her life. Tamara is offering more insightful answers and thiings to help Jenna get through this weird time that she's at."

4. The Matty vs. Jake Dilemma: As Jenna's best buddy, when it comes to the the Matty vs. Jake debacle, all Tamara wants is for Jenna to be content at the end of the day. "Deep down, she wants whoever makes Jenna happy. She's definitely an advocate of the truth and we saw that Tamara believes Jenna needs to be up front with Jake about [her past hookups with Matty]," Reed said.

5. A Big Decision to Come: The biggest moment this season is "being built up" as the episodes play out, Reed teased. What exactly is she referring to? Jenna's ultimate decision of who she will choose. Yes, she may be with Jake for the time being, but Reed hints that Jenna will be forced to pick a side. "It will get down to the point where Jenna is forced to choose," she said. "I think fans are really confused right now -- either they're Team Jake or Team Matty or they have no idea -- and I think people's minds are going to get blown away."

Awkward airs 10:30 p.m. Thursdays on MTV.