'Awkward' Actor Matthew Fahey Reveals 4 Season 2 Teasers

The actor who plays Tamara's ex Ricky on the MTV show offered clues to THR about future episodes.
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

There's a lot to celebrate if you're an Awkward fan.

Renewed for a supersized third season earlier this week, Thursday's episode showcases the awkwardness surrounding Valentine's Day, which stirs up insecurities in high school BFFs Jenna (Ashley Rickards) and Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed). Will the "holiday" cause some trouble for Tamara as she attempts to move on from her past love?

Actor Matthew Fahey, who plays Tamara's ex Ricky, offered a few teases for the new season -- and beyond:

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1. No Ricky and Tamara Resolution: If there was a thought that Ricky and Tamara's volatile relationship would somehow resolve itself -- perhaps Ricky would mature as the season progressed -- that is far from the truth. "You'll see a little more back and forth [between Ricky and Tamara]," Fahey told The Hollywood Reporter. " Ricky always has something up his sleeve. He's always makes story lines juicy."

2. Running, Running, Running: Though Fahey was coy about the context of the situation, he said that viewers will see another side to Ricky, one that involves a lot of running -- and acting abnormally. "He's going to be doing some running. He is kind of a weird runner," Fahey observed, adding that his alter-ego will at one point act "girly." He said, "He gets upset at a certain point and you'll see him freak out."

4. An Unexpected Freak-Out Moment: Fahey teased that how Ricky handles his breakdown -- for lack of a better term -- will be the catalyst for some comedy.

3. Main Season 3 Wish: "I want to see Ricky interact with the guys, with Jake and Matty," Fahey said. "I think they're too cool [for him]; they're on the soccer team. I think that Ricky should try out with them for one of the sports teams. Or maybe all of them and he fails at every single one." To keep up with the two main guys on the show, Fahey joked, "I guess I should start working on my abs."

Awkward airs 10:30 p.m. Thursdays on MTV.