'Awkward' Cast, Creator Reveal 10 Teases for Season 2

Awkward Key Art - P 2012
Matthias Clamer/MTV

Awkward Key Art - P 2012

Awkward fans have waited patiently for the return of the MTV darling. In a matter of days, Team Matty and Team Jake supporters see the developments unfold when season two kicks off, set two weeks after the finale.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the entire cast Thursday evening at the Paley Center celebrating the half-hour comedy and asked the actors some burning questions for the new year. Here are 10 teases, one for each character (with a bonus item from creator Lauren Iungerich), on what fans can expect:

[Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.]

Jenna: Though Jenna's made her choice (it's Jake), Ashley Rickards tells THR that "Team Matty fans shouldn't be apprehensive because there are still residual feelings as there are in any relationship with anyone." As she tells it, episode 11 is one viewers should look out for. "You would never ever expect Jenna to look, act and be the way that she is in so many different ways in that episode. It's no exaggeration," she teases. In her family life, expect Jenna to go through the seven stages of grief.

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Matty: It's Matty vs. Jake for Jenna's heart. Still. The big question: How does he get Jenna back? It'll be a bumpy road -- that includes an unexpected (almost) hookup that breeds comedy -- and as Beau Mirchoff tells it, Matty's "blinded by love" when it comes to his attempt at wooing Jenna away from Jake. "It's a cat and mouse game for a while," Mirchoff teases. "Matty tries to get in between their relationship at some point." But, Team Matty fans, this may be what you've been waiting for: "There is a finish line where he either gets Jenna back or he realizes it's time to move on." Talk of a new love interest may be a big clue and Mirchoff didn't give much away, but feel free to read between the lines. "There could be [a new love interest]. The only cure for a broken heart is to find new love."

Jake: "Jake knows how to be a good boyfriend," Brett Davern says of the beginning of the season. And while it may seem like Jake will uncover Matty and Jenna's secret relationship sooner rather than later, Davern was coy. "Jake and Matty's bromance is as strong as ever," he says. "They've been through bumps in the road before. As far as Jake's concerned, it's just business as usual [with Jenna]." If push comes to shove, will Jake pick Matty over Jenna or vice versa? "I think that's the question that will have to be answered this season."

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Tamara: "Her and Ricky [Schwartz] are never going to work out, I don't think ever," Jillian Rose Reed says. A scene that stuck out for her sees Tamara "in a full sequined unitard and I'm dancing." Always the zany fashionista, Reed shared that she wore a zebra-print pair of Doc Martens "that were actually fuzzy."

Sadie: Insecurities will be getting the best of the "villainess" Sadie, who is at the center of a big comedy moment in the premiere episode. "We're going to see it more sprinkled through," Molly Tarlov says. Romance may be headed Sadie's way, "so we're going to see how she gets attention from boys and where those insecurities come in." Tarlov teased a funny arc later in the season that should be comedic gold: "We're all together and there's a lot of craziness."

Ming: Poor Ming. If season one saw the gal stuck in her house with strict parents, the new year will see her making steps toward having a real social life. But first, what's the deal with new "frenemy" (and "Asian Mafia" member) Becca (Jessika Van)? "She likes to screw with Ming," Jessica Liu exclaims, who added that the standoff the two have in an early episode "gets the ball rolling." "Ming literally goes through every emotion. By the finale, she's a different person." But back to her nonexistent social life, Liu teases that Ming will make it to a party but "she does get picked up early, but she made it to the party. That's all that matters."

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Lacey: It's not all fun and games. Not only does Jenna know Lacey was the one who wrote the damaging letter, someone else will soon be let in too. "Lacey has a lot of atoning to do," Nikki DeLoach says. "She has to deal with, 'What do I do now that the secret is out?' She has a lot of growing up to do herself. She's trying to grow her mother legs." For DeLoach, the clothes buying and redoing Jenna's room won't solve the conflict with her daughter: "Jenna is looking for her mother to make a real 180 in terms of how she parents in general." Ringer star Kris Polaha will appear as someone from Lacey's past and comes in when she "is vulnerable and he stirs the pot a bit."

Kevin: "He will become more human in season two," Mike Faiola shared, when asked if viewers will discover things about Jenna's dad Kevin that may paint him in a not-so-perfect picture. Last season saw Kevin act as the adult around the house, but that may be thrown out the window. Faiola revealed that his alter-ego will get into some sticky situations. "It has to do with Kevin and a hot tub," Faiola says. "He gets more comedic moments." Expect Kevin's reaction to Polaha's re-entry into Lacey's life to not be pretty. Duh.

Lissa: "Lissa in season two she learns to stand up for herself and gets a backbone, looks at what she's done in the past and why that's happening to her. Why Jake dumped her, maybe it was because she was doing some mean things," Greer Grammer says. The actress teased that the blonde cheerleader may be befriending Jenna this season ("Lissa may be a little overeager in the friendship") but the fourth episode, Grammer says, will be pivotal: Lissa will be exploring faith. And in that episode, Lissa and Jenna solidify their friendship (they even hug!) and Grammer says, "it's brought on by Jenna."

Valerie: The inappropriate high school counselor will be getting more responsibility. Desi Lydic reveals that "Val gets to experiment with a little bit of power. There's a little bit of a shift there. We'll see how that works or doesn't work; things will tend to unravel." Val will get things right once in regards to her counseling with Jenna. (Rejoice!) In the romance department, expect things to potentially move forward with Mr. Mishra (Sunkrish Bala). "I'm hoping there's a season three. We gotta mix in some Client List for Valerie," says Lydic, who also co-stars in the Lifetime series.

Bonus! Creator Lauren Iungerich tells THR that season two has "more irreverent comedy and there's more emotional gravity to this season." While last season was about "Who am I?," this year it will be "Who should I be with?," she shares.

Awkward returns Thursday, June 28.