'Awkward' Cast Breaks Down Season 3 Premiere's Biggest Developments

MTV Awkward TV Still - P 2013

MTV Awkward TV Still - P 2013

[Warning: Do not proceed if you have not watched the season 3 premiere.]

Awkward dealt with some adult matters in the season three premiere but put its own unique twist on topics like death and pregnancy.

It's no secret that the events of Tuesday's back-to-back episodes effectively changes the dynamic between the core group of Jenna, Matty, Jake, Tamara and Sadie, but how awkward will things get as the kick off their junior year?

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Castmembers Ashley Rickards and Brett Davern dropped by The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the aftermath of Tuesday's one-hour return.

On Jenna's pregnancy scare

"With the pregnancy scare with Jenna and Matty, obviously this is something that hits a little close to home with Jenna as she's the product of a teenage pregnancy," Rickards tells THR. "She doesn't tell Matty because she's scared. When it comes out with Jake, he happened to be there -- they had this previous relationship and they're friends -- and it just comes out. It's not malicious, and it's not meant to be secretive. The pregnancy will definitely test their relationship."

On Ricky Schwartz's death

"It's dealt with in a light-hearted way. There are some spit takes on my behalf, literally," Rickards deadpans, in reference to Jenna spitting her gum into the urn with Ricky's ashes. "It's dealt with in a classy way that keeps it light and keeps it honest."

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Davern had a more serious response, saying that a classmate's death is something some teenagers go through during high school and was something he dealt with, as well as Rickards. "Something like a death of a classmate is something that some teenagers deal with," he tells THR, who admitted that reading Ricky's death in the script was "shocking." "I know I did when I was in high school. It's interesting to see how the characters get through those kinds of moments."

On Sadie's maybe-pregnancy

"First Response! That's about all I can say," Rickards jokes. "Sadie might be preggers. ... No one will know but the stick itself."

Awkward airs at 10 p.m. Tuesdays on MTV.

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