'Awkward' Star Beau Mirchoff on Matty's Parents and 'Dark Home Life' (Video)

We're about to get a good look inside Matty's home life.

On Tuesday's Awkward, viewers will finally meet Matty's parents -- and as star Beau Mirchoff reveals, they're not ideal.

"Matty doesn't have the best home life," Mirchoff says in the THR Cover Lounge. "He's got parents who no doubt love him to death, but they treat him the wrong way or they show it in the wrong fashion."

He added: "Everything isn't great for Matty. He's got a pretty dark home life, past. School is his escape, and I don't think fans are going to expect that."

Viewers already have been introduced to Matty's brother, but "it gets deeper this year," Mirchoff says. "You learn more about my brother and my mom, specifically."

But are Matty and Jenna (Ashley Rickards) headed in separate directions? "He evolves and perhaps Jenna devolves a little bit," Mirchoff teases. "Matty takes reins of the relationship. He is the captain of the relation-ship."

More will unravel as the season continues. "If you think the season [two] finale of Awkward is crazy, get ready, because that is nothing compared to what happens later this season -- and I honestly mean that," he says.

Awkward airs at 10 p.m. Tuesdays on MTV.

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