'Awkward' Stars Tease Season 3: More Parties, a 'Bro-bacue' and Loss of Innocence (Video)

What's in store for the new season of Awkward?

There has already been a death and pregnancy chatter, but as the third season of the MTV series gets underway, more hijinks will ensue at Palos Hills High School.

As Awkward star Brett Davern tells The Hollywood Reporter in the THR Cover Lounge, Jake will be dealing with a potentially life-changing hurdle in the first half of the season. "There's one more hurdle of innocence that Jake needs to go over, to lose some innocence," Davern teases with a wink.

The Jenna you see now might not be the Jenna you're familiar with later. "Jenna has quite the wardrobe shift in a great way," Ashley Rickards tells THR, "and that's indicative of some things to come." For Tamara, co-star Jillian Rose Reed says, she's "finally over Ricky Schwartz."

Cast members also noticed far more partying going on this season than in years past.

"There's a lot of parties this year," Rickards says, so much so that they felt there was a get-together every episode. "We were just partying all the time," Reed jokes. "We've had some stunt guys around [in the party scenes]," Davern adds.

Best buds Jake (Davern) and Matty (Beau Mirchoff) will also spend some quality time together in coming episodes. "There's a bro-bacue going on," Davern hints, before adding, "Also, a scene with some dancing."

Reed shared that there are some developments with Tamara and Sadie (Molly Tarlov)'s continuing non-friendship. "That relationship is so crazy and Sadie is just so mean to Tamara," she says. "There are some good moments between our characters."

Awkward airs at 10 p.m. Tuesdays on MTV.

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