Watch Aziz Ansari Play Bobby Jindal on 'Tonight Show': "I'm Gonna Thaw It Out in 2020!"

Aziz Ansari Bobby Jindal Tonight Show H 2015
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Aziz Ansari Bobby Jindal Tonight Show H 2015

Jimmy Fallon had a couple questions about Bobby Jindal ending his presidential campaign on Thursday's Tonight Show.

So the host enlisted Aziz Ansari to help get some closure on the matter, with the Master of None co-creator and star impersonating the Louisiana governor to share some answers.

"This is crazy! I've never been invited back to a TV show before — usually, it's, 'See you Bobby, have a nice life!' " said Ansari, playing the former Republican presidential candidate.

"I'm not ending my campaign, I'm just suspending it," he continued, comparing it to a scene in Star Wars: Episode VI — Return of the Jedi. "Remember when Jabba the Hutt lowered Han Solo into that vat and he came out looking like he was stuck inside a giant metal candy bar, and then years later, they thawed him out and he was like, 'Whoa, what did I miss?' That's what I'm doing with my campaign. I'm gonna thaw it out in 2020. In fact, that's my new campaign slogan!"

In the meantime, Ansari joked that Jindal is looking into his own TV show with a shortened title of BJ's Across America and getting into oil paintings of "high-concept nudes," thanks to George W. Bush. "I'm actually very depressed!"

Watch the video below.