Aziz Ansari Recalls Fun Meeting With President Obama During Fallon Interview (Video)

The comedian and "Parks and Recreation" star was amazed at how cool the Commander in Chief was during their backstage encounter.
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To hear Aziz Ansari tell it, President Obama is the coolest guy in the room -- even one filled with rock stars and celebrities.

Ansari runs in pretty high profile circles, what with his friendships with the top names in comedy and Kanye West, but he was blown away by the President's fun-loving guy nature when they met after he performed at a fundraiser for Obama's 2012 campaign earlier this month. 

Aziz told the story of their meeting during an interview last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, recalling Obama embracing The Roots, who had also performed (and are Fallon's house band) and then giving him a very excited welcome.

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Doing his best caffeinated Obama impersonation, Aziz recalled him saying, "'Aziz, what's going on? You blowin' up, man! What're you up to?!'"

He was shocked -- and little bit confused by the greeting.

"And I was like, huh? Why are you talking to me like my little brother Aniz? Don't you have the nuclear codes?" Ansari remembered thinking.

Of course, this only made Ansari a bigger fan of Obama -- "This dude acts the exact same way I could act if I was president" he exclaimed -- even if he got called out for having fewer Twitter followers than the Commander-in-Chief.

No word yet on whether Obama has downloaded Ansari's $5 Dangerously Delicious stand-up show.