‘Bachelorette’ Ali Fedotowsky: Ben and Courtney Will Probably Make It

The new host of LXTV’s 1st Look on NBC tells THR the negative media attention will probably only bring the newly engaged couple closer together.
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Jaclyn Swartz, Rachel Truehart, Ali Fedotowsky, Jackie Gordon, and Ashley Spivey

During her season of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky found the true love the ABC reality dating show promises: after nine weeks of courtship, Roberto Martinez proposed, and the two moved in together in San Diego and began planning their wedding. Fans of the show, for the most part, supported the two lovebirds and eagerly anticipated their happily ever after.

But after pushing back their wedding date due to Ali injuring her femur, Martinez and Fedotowsky called off their engagement in November after 18 months of dating. No matter how much support the public had given them during their run on Bachelorette Season 6, Fedotowsky and Martinez couldn’t make it work.

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During Monday night’s finale, Ali spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at the Z100 Bachelor Season 16 Finale Viewing Party at the Greenwich Village Country Club in NYC and shared why she thinks the public’s negative reaction could actually help bring Ben Flajnik and model Courtney Robertson closer together.

“I would like to say, ‘Oh yeah, there’s all this negative stuff about them; they’re not gonna make it!’ But honestly, that’s probably why they will make it.”

“Honestly, at the After the Final Rose special for my season I truly thought I would spend the rest of my life with Roberto,” Fedotowsky wrote on her blog for Ladies Home Journal. “You just never know until you experience all the little things in life that come with being in a long-term relationship.”

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While watching the finale, Ali sat next to Rachel Truehart (Bachelor Season 16). Truehart, for her part, told THR that she was one of the few girls in the house that was friends with Courtney, despite what viewers saw on the show. “I think it makes it easier for me to relate to what side Ben is seeing, because I actually really enjoyed her company while I was with her. I can see what Ben sees in her.”

Ali later tweeted, “Courtney seems really sweet so far. Talking to some girls from her season and they said she's great! We need to give her a chance #Bachelor.”

And what about that other Bachelorette couple, Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum (Bachelorette Season 7)? The two were also at the viewing party, wedged between fellow Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members Ashley Spivey and Jackie Gordon (Bachelor Season 15), Ames Brown (Bachelorette Season 7), and Jaclyn Swartz and Jenna Burke (Bachelor Season 16).

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The two couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they watched themselves during the After The Final Rose taping, and joked with their Bachelor family throughout (Ashley: “Oh god, why did they show that?!” J.P., on the pregnancy rumors he tried to start: “She’s drinking virgin cocktails tonight!”) The two are planning a wedding for later this year, and will be moving to New Jersey (“in June or July,” J.P. told THR) to accommodate Hebert’s new job in Pennsylvania.

Now that Ben and Courtney are off the air, the Bachelor family has some time off before watching another one of their own, Emily Maynard, take her journey on national television May 14.

“I just want her to find love. Bless her heart,” Spivey told us. “It’s hard! In North Carolina, she’s like royalty, so it’s hard for her to find someone. Hopefully this will work for her."

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