'The Bachelor': Chris Learns Becca's Secret, Picks His Final Two

Yep, it's time for the infamous fantasy-suite dates.
'The Bachelor'

The Bachelor landed in Bali this week for the always-anticipated fantasy-suite episode, as hunky farmer Chris Soules narrowed the ladies down to his final two. He also got up close and personal with some monkeys. 

The first one-on-one was with Kaitlyn. The pair visited some type of weird zoo where people apparently pay to have monkeys jump on them — and pee on them, as Chris soon learned. The couple ended up in the fantasy suite, although we're hoping that they showered post-monkey encounter. Kaitlyn informed him that she was letting herself feel vulnerable and bringing down her walls. 

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The next date was with Whitney, and the two went out on a boat. Whitney did her best to convince him not to take it personally that her sister wouldn't give him her blessing. She also told him that she's head over heels in love with him, despite the fact that Arlington wouldn't be her first choice of a destination. At the end of the date, Whit joined him in the fantasy suite. 

Chris and Becca drank from coconuts on their date, and then they met with a villager, who advised them to "make love." Good luck with that, Chris. Becca later agreed to head to the fantasy suite — and admitted to the camera about "temptations" — but she ultimately informed him that she's a virgin. His first response was a long, audible sigh, which was priceless. However, Chris then claimed to be just peachy about the whole thing, proving that perhaps he should have received an Oscar this weekend for his stellar acting ability. 

In a situation mirroring last season's infamous fantasy-suite episode — when Juan Pablo offended Andi during a conversation that wasn't filmed — Becca and Chris apparently talked off-camera in the morning about uncertainty in their relationship. Whatever it was that was discussed has caused Chris to get emotional.

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The rose ceremony took place at a temple, and Chris Harrison said that only holding hands is allowed there, which is presumably music to Becca's ears. At the start of the rose ceremony, Chris pulled Becca away, leading to big smiles from Kaitlyn and Whitney, who were clearly hoping that Becca was destined to get the early goodbye that Britt got last week. However, Becca was able to assuage Chris' fears by letting him know that Arlington wouldn't be a dealbreaker for her.

Becca and Chris finally returned, with Whitney and Becca both receiving roses. That meant Kaitlyn was sent packing, and Chris told her that the decision was "excruciating." She cried in his arms, and once she was in the vehicle, she called this the "most humiliating moment of my whole freaking life." She added about the situation: "It really blows my mind."

Are you surprised about which ladies are in the final two, and who should win? Do you think Becca chose the right time to tell Chris about her v-card? Are you surprised that the zoo with the all the aggressive monkeys has never had an incident that led to a lawsuit? Let us know in the comments!

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