'The Bachelor': Chris Sends Home Unlucky Woman During Date

The Bachelor Still S19E4 - H 2015

On tonight's episode of The Bachelor, it was time to meet the sisters, learn the first victim of the one-on-one rose and flog yet another Disney project.

The episode began with Chris Soules heading out on a group date to the lake, which gave a few of the ladies a chance to skinny-dip (do they really need a special reason?). Not feeling it was Kelsey, who earned a bee sting in a very unfortunate location for her troubles.

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To Kelsey's chagrin, the day trip became an overnight trip, and camping gear made an appearance. The ladies busted out the booze, Mackenzie talked about aliens and Ashley S. (presumably not an alien, though not seemingly of this planet) wanted to make sure she was resonating within Chris' mind. We just wish we knew what exactly was resonating in Ashley's own mind. 

Kaitlyn, clearly a frontrunner, nabbed the date rose, so Ashley I. decided she needed to make it clear to Chris what she's all about. Sadly, she appeared to have forgotten the part about making it clear: She tried telling him that she was a virgin in the most subtle way possible, and the message clearly sailed way over Prince Farming's head.

Back in the mansion, the ladies have pleaded their cases to Chris' sisters, hoping they'll give them the coveted one-on-one Cinderella-themed date (ah, feel the cross-promotional magic). Britt thought she had it in the bag, but Jade won out.

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Jade and Chris seemed to click, and she got the rose, but the chemistry wasn't off the charts. Then again, she got to keep the shoes and jewelry, which — given the show's recent relationship track record — means she's probably the real winner. One person who definitely wasn't a winner was Ashley I., who dressed up for a princess date for just herself. Suddenly, the fact that she's still a virgin is seeming less and less shocking.

It's another obstacle course for the second group date, but this one is less Survivor (like last week's) and more Wipeout. Jillian won the muddy challenge with a bullet, wedding dress and all, but things didn't quite pan out for her after that. For some reason, she spent her one-on-one time asking Chris if he would sleep with a homeless person (what a lovely topic). Needless to say, she got sent packing. 

Chris had a few surprising chats during the cocktail party. Ashley I. again told him she's a virgin, but this time she actually used the v-word. He claimed to respect her for it, but Ashley noticed that he didn't kiss her after getting the news. Later, Ash tried high-fiving fellow virgin Becca, who instead gave her the brush-off. Then, former frontrunner Britt blindsided Chris by chastising him for rewarding Kaitlyn. Britt might not leave tonight, but their spark has definitely faded.

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Here are the women who got roses: Whitney, Carly, Megan, Samantha, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Becca, Ashley I. and Britt. That meant curtains for single mom Juelia, who got a special goodbye from Chris, Nikki and the always-baffling Ashley S. We hope you find your onion, Ashley S.

Do you think Britt was too harsh on Chris? Should Ashley I. have waited to tell him she's a virgin? Are you hoping Ashley S. is the Bachelorette so we get a full season of delightfully head-scratching moments? Let us know in the comments!

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