'The Bachelor': Chris Upsets the Women With Surprising Rule Change

The show's hunky farmer is having no reservations about kissing numerous women.
'The Bachelor'

Chris Soules dealt with zombies, tractors and one very confused contestant on tonight's episode of The Bachelor. He also kissed basically everyone on the show, and it's only week two. 

The episode began with Kimberly, who was cut last week, stating her case for why she deserves to be given a second chance. After conferring with the all-knowing Chris Harrison, Mr. Bachelor decided to bring her back, much to the other ladies' chagrin.

The first group date was a pool party followed by a tractor race, meaning the women all drove tractors through L.A. in their bikinis, as people often do. Ashley I. won the race, but Chris chose to send everyone to the mansion except Mackenzie, who got the date rose. And yes, we get it, ABC: Chris is a farmer. Enough with the tractors. What's next week's group date going to be? A race to see who can slaughter the most cattle? 

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Megan, who was seen earlier seen slamming her head into a wall while wearing Chris' motorcycle helmet, landed the one-on-one date. Chris whisked her off to the Grand Canyon, where she discussed her late father. But things ended up going well on the date, and the two kissed after Megan got the rose. 

The second group date was a paintball outing to shoot zombies (again, normal.) For some reason, Ashley S. just couldn't follow what she was supposed to be doing. First, she made the women think she was going to shoot them, and then she made baffling statements about "the truth" and "Mesa Verde." Chris seemed as though he was considering cutting her right there, but he instead remained a good sport about the very odd situation.

After the shoot-out, first-impression rose recipient Britt got closer to Chris on the date, where the two kissed, so she was hurt when Chris instead gave the date rose to Kaitlyn, whom Chris had also kissed. (Noticing a pattern? He kissed a ton of people.) Back at the mansion, Jordan got tipsy and told a fellow contestant that Jillian "has got the hairiest ass that I've ever seen on a woman." Thanks for that visual, Jordan.

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At the cocktail party, Chris was right back to his kissing ways. After Ashley I. admitted to an apparently jealous Mackenzie that she's still a virgin, Chris rubbed her belly-button ring and kissed her. He kissed Amber, too, although the somewhat incoherent Jordan tried to snag a smooch as well and wasn't so lucky. Things aren't looking so good for Jordan. 

At the rose ceremony, the big mystery was whether Ashley S. would survive the cuts. Somehow, she did, as her name was the last one called (why, Chris, why?). Not faring as well were Tara, recent returnee Kimberly, Alissa and rarely sober Jordan. Tara's departure was especially sad, as she said this moment will continue to haunt her.

Are you excited to see Jimmy Kimmel's appearance next week? Do you think Chris was wrong to bring Kimberly back? Are you curious as to what on earth Ashley S. was talking about? Let us know in the comments.  

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