'Bachelor' Contestant Corinne Says Full-Time Nanny Is "Part of the Family"

The breakout contestant of Nick Viall's season visited 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' to talk alcohol on set, her "promiscuous" behavior and nanny Raquel.
Courtesy of Rick Rowell/ABC

Pass the cucumber slices and cheese pasta, please!

Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios made her talk show debut on The Ellen DeGeneres Show Wednesday, and the host addressed the question on every viewer's mind: Why does the 24-year-old still have a full-time nanny? 

"She's been with us for 18 years. She moved with us to Florida from New Jersey," explained Olympios, who runs her family business. "She's kind of like my everything."

Dubbed the season villain of Nick Viall's fourth turn at the ABC reality dating franchise, Olympios has come under fire by her fellow contestants and Bachelor viewers on social media for having a nanny back home in Florida. Raquel, who appeared on the first episode of season 21, brews Olympios her coffee, chops her vegetables, makes her bed and cooks her "cheese pasta."

One viewer went so far as to create a GoFundMe page to "free" Nanny Raquel (which only raised $425, but "raised awareness around the world ... of the self-proclaimed 'yellow corn' princess of The Bachelor."). 

On Wednesday morning's show, Olympios admitted to DeGeneres that she could have better explained her relationship with Raquel.

"She raised my sister. She helped my mom through cancer," Corinne said. "She's not my nanny like my babysitter. … Nanny is a word I use for her because I have a lot of respect for her."

DeGeneres also pressed the Floridian on her sexually aggressive behavior and nudity on the show — the preview for an upcoming episode shows her ambushing the Bachelor to have sex in his hotel room, outside the bounds of the private fantasy suite date. 

"I was a little more promiscuous than I thought I would look," said Olympios. But the victor of Viall's first two-on-one date of the season has no regrets and doesn't blame her behavior on the alcohol provided on set: "I never took it too far where I would black out or anything."

She asserted that there are other sides to her ("I'm an older sister. I run a business. I'm an athlete — well, I work out every day.") and assured her critics that she doesn't take herself too seriously. "I think I'm funny," she said of watching the season, which is currently airing Mondays on ABC. "I laughed really hard at myself."